OThe Brush Factory has been an invalids' cooperative since 1976. That year was crucial for the factory as together with the organizational structure also the statutory task changed. As it is determined in the Statutes of the Cooperative, "vocational and social rehabilitation of the disabled in the process of paid work in a joint company managed by the Cooperative council" is the main aim of the factory. Consequently, organizational and production structures have been adapted for this sake. Foundation of the Therapeutic Rehabilitation Health Centre was one of the first tasks during the execution of the statutory guidelines of the Cooperative.

In the rooms of the Health Centre you can find: consulting room, surgery, reception, psychologist's office, massage room, physiotherapy room and others. In 1981 Dentist's Surgery with the prosthetic facilities and the Hydrotherapy & Paraffin therapy Room were opened. Those undertakings have made the Cooperative self-sufficient as far as the rehabilitation treatment is involved. What's more, at present the Centre provides service for other cooperatives of invalids from the area of Bielsko.

Together with the purchase of the medical equipment the range of therapy has been increased. The foregoing undertakings as well as the hiring of specialists have shortened the time of waiting for medical treatment. The medical rehabilitation has developed with the social and vocational one simultaneously. A number of harmful or onerous posts have been adapted to the needs of the disabled employees, as the additional ventilation and equipment have been installed. A few other rooms like dining room, living rooms, changing rooms, bathrooms, showers etc. were modified for the social needs of the staff.

In 1980 due to the hard living situation of the disabled youth, the Cooperative opened the Practical Training School of Profession on base of the Special Vocational Training School where the youth have been taught in the three grade system since then. As a result:

  • the disabled youth are given a chance to obtain a profession,
  • there is a direct influx of the young, disabled employees to the Cooperative.

One of the most essential forms of rehabilitation is the activity of the Sports&Tourist Circle. The goal of the circle is to promote physical culture and tourism among employees and the members of their families. Extensive social activity organized in various fields is a significant help for the employees especially for the disabled. The rehabilitation activity includes also organization and assistance in leaving for the rehabilitation holidays for the disabled.