Considerable technical facilities as well as the qualified staff with the experience of five generations enable the Bielsko Brush Factory to achieve financial and production results placing it at the top of brush trade in Poland.

Nowadays the cooperative produces over 10 million copies of about 750 different articles. In spite of difficulties the production is increasing continuously not only in value but also in quantity. There are only few companies that can boast similar dynamism of the production growth per one employee.

Such results have been achieved due to the improvement of work organization and thanks to all members and employees of the Cooperative carrying out their duties very conscientiously. What's more, the company adapts production to the constantly growing demands of the domestic as well as of the foreign market by introduction of new articles every year.

The company is the owner of the chain of brand-name wholesalers, but it cooperates with other chains of stores in Poland too. The rank of the Cooperative is very high not only due to its production share in marketplace but also owing to its position in export. The Bielsko Brush Factory sends abroad products of its whole assortment.

A great success in the domestic and in the foreign market has been achieved owing to the improvement in quality as well as to the considerably flexible adoption of the new technical and technological projects adequate to the domestic and foreign customers' demands.