• the widest assortment,
  • the highest quality of products,
  • our assistance at the selection of products and the arrangement of exhibition,
  • relieves for payments on the State Fund for Rehabilitation of the Disabled
  • long-term stability of prices,
  • sale at special prices with large reductions,
  • our trademark recognized and registered from 130 years.

The facts, (not commercials) make us the oldest and the biggest in Poland manufacturer of the painting and construction tools, cosmetic and housekeeping brushes, and recently also minor articles of the hotel equipment. Our 130-year-old tradition of production and trade guarantees delivery of the verified good quality products only. We have the largest in Poland accumulation of the modern machines for brush manufacture.

The continuous modernization of the machinery park guarantees the maintenance of the perfect quality of our products. The warranty is also experience, qualifications and practical knowledge of the members of the Board of Directors, of the management and of the Board of Supervisors as well as the vocational improving training of six generations of the employees.

Our factory has employed the disabled for 30 years. As a Company of the Protected Labour we are allowed to give a relief at payments on the State Fund for Rehabilitation of the Disabled. Due to your cooperation with our firm new posts for the disabled are
created as well.

household brushes, cosmetic, brushes,

paintbrushes, painting tools, building tools

Bielsko Brush Factory Befaszczot 2007

brushes Household brushes | various brushes | sticks for brushes | brushes for shoes and mud | brushes for cleaning animals | brushes for suits/clothes |brushes for scrubbing: manual / on a stick | brushes for sweeping: brushes with wooden body / brushes streets and courtyards / household brushes | brushes for cars | brushes for cleaning baths and WCs | brushes for kitchen: for cleaning vegetables/for washing up bottles, jars/for washing up dishes

Cosmetic brushes | shaving brushes | toothbrushes | brushes for hair | brushes for human body, pumice | brushes for washing hands

Painting tools | paint-brushes: paintbrushes in sets / paintbrushes A/B lux / paintbrushes B standard / paintbrushes castor / paintbrushes two-component / paintbrushes with ferrule / paintbrushes for acryl | wall paint-brushes | round paint-brushes | flat paint-brushes | oval paint-brushes | plastic paint-brushes | angular paint-brushes | pro run/series paintbrushes: ring-shaped with ferrule / flat "semi-English" #8mm / for acryl and water paints B" type / "English" type brushes, "B" type / flat, angular brushes #8mm | painting sets | paint rollers and sponges: polyurethane / flock / fur paint rollers / string paint rollers / of special use / other paint rollers / handles, sieves and painting dishes | paint-brushes: made of wire / others | spatulas: painting spatulas / others | euromale | other painting accessories

 Building tools | long floats: made of foamed polystyrene / made of plastics / made of stainless steel | trowels: trowels for joints / triangular trowels / trapezoidal trowels | containers: pails and building containers /building buckets | supportive tools: mixers for paint and mortar / coarse files for paint | other building tools

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